Oil Sands Expo


The Industry Reception on the Expo Floor is another great way to network with oil sands professionals!

Plan Your Visit with our Valuable Partners!

Industry Reception

September 12, 2024

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm 

A perfect final occasion for attendees and exhibitors to exchange insights, discuss industry trends, and explore potential collaborations as the Expo draws to a close. Best of all, the Industry Reception is free to attend with your Free Expo Pass, making it an accessible and invaluable addition to the schedule for anyone looking to make the most of their Expo experience.

Plan Your Travel with Great Accommodations

The Fort McMurray Hotel Group is the official partner of the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show. We are pleased to offer you a variety of accommodation to suit your needs.

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Vehicle Rentals

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Official Rental Car of the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show

Whether you need a car for the show, or truck for a move or commercial purposes, our cars, pickup trucks, cargo vans and cube vans are available for daily, weekly or monthly rentals. We have the right trucks, at a great value, available when and where you need them.

Convince Your Boss

Does your boss need a bit of convincing to let you attend?

Here are some steps that can assist you in Convincing your Boss.

Getting face-to-face with industry colleagues, seeing new products & services, and learning something new are all important aspects of your job and personal development.  Still, sometimes it might be difficult to convince your boss it’s worth the investment of time and money to attend the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show; below are some ideas to help you convince your boss.

Review the Program

The Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show offers a variety of learning opportunities including a technical conference, workshops and business conference.  Determine which sessions you want to attend and justify this selection to your boss; with dozens of presentations, you should be able to draft a curriculum that provides you and your organization with the justification you need.  We have a large number of topics from a wide variety of speakers who are trusted and recognized for their expertise.  If your organization has challenges, there are definitely sessions that may provide solutions.

Stress the Value of Investing in Your Professional Development

Your boss may be concerned about the time spent away from the business, however, remind them of its very worthwhile in the long run.  Attending professional development conferences like the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show makes you a much more valuable employee.  The more you learn, the more valuable you are to the organization – and the more solutions you can bring back to your role.  Consider the business opportunities that develop from establishing new connections with other industry professionals.  Remind your boss once again that many of the learning opportunities are provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Review the Products and Services list and Exhibitors’ List

The Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show hosts more than 225 exhibiting companies and boasts thousands of products and services from across the entire operation.  Did you know that almost 50% of the exhibitors each year are new to the show?  This means you have access to new products that you may have never seen before.  Many of the products and services are designed to save operational costs, drive automation and introduce business efficiencies.  Every employee should be empowered to be a problem-solver, and your possible solutions are within reach at the show.

Complete the Letter of Request

Sometimes your boss will need something from you in writing or needs your request in by email.  We have developed a quick letter template to assist you.  You can customize the letter any way you want, but hopefully this provides a starting point for you.

Bring Your New Knowledge Back to Work

You will absolutely learn something new, meet new industry colleagues, and view valuable new products – all that could improve your business’ operations and bottom-line . Promise your boss that you will recommend or implement at least one new thing as a result of attending the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show.  Tie your learning to the organization’s goals – demonstrate to your boss that it was not just a fun day out of the office, but a constructive use of valuable time where you sourced real, actionable solutions to into your business.

Present a Certificate of Attendance

When you attend the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show, we are happy to provide a Certificate of Attendance that you can present to your boss when you return to work.